Light & Airy

Window Shadings

The soft glow of fabric sheers with the tidy appeal of slatted blinds. It’s a contemporary window treatment option that beautifully captures and disperses light throughout the room.

  • Modern Control

    Combine the best of both blinds & sheer fabric treatments. For modern style & control, outfit your shades with automated lift & tilt through your smart device.

  • Custom Shades

    With a wide variety of options, create your own custom shades today.

Why Window Shadings?

  • Fabric vanes soften the sun while guarding privacy, with adjustable panels for a deep even glow.
  • Retractable shadings disappear from sight when raised into the headrail, for picture perfect picture window views every time.  
  • Choose translucent or light-dimming opacity in a range of color hues for endless design options.
  • Vertical application makes window shadings an ideal alternative to traditional vertical blinds.
  • Ideal for windows up to 120 inches wide, with scaled up vanes to keep it all in proportion.
window shadings
window shadings
sheet shades
Create your own

Custom Window Shadings

Schedule an In-Home Consultation

At Blinds by Noon & Shutters Real Soon, you get expert design advice and a full range of samples to explore from the comfort of your home. Let our expert designers create the perfect window treatments for your space. From initial measurements to final installation, Blinds by Noon is committed to your complete satisfaction. Contact us to schedule a free in-home consultation.

Maintenance & Warranty

Caring for Fabric Window Shadings

Our Fabric Window Shadings are constructed to withstand most daily wear and tear. To remove dust and dirt and keep them looking new, wipe with a soft cloth, or use a cool-temperature blow dryer or vacuum hose attachment.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Made in America, made to last. Our products come with a limited lifetime warranty against defects in materials, components, workmanship, and operation. We guarantee your new Window Shadings will last for many years to come. 


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