Sensible & Stylish

Aluminum Blinds

Versatile, durable, and ever practical, this clean, sleek look works well in kitchens, utility rooms, and other functional spaces. Light blocking, energy efficient Aluminum Blinds deliver outstanding value without outstripping your budget.

  • Minimal Upkeep

    Custom colors, premium upgrades, and minimal upkeep make aluminum blinds an easy choice for many homeowners.

  • Custom Blinds

    With a wide variety of options, create your own custom blinds today.

Why Aluminium Blinds?

  • Lightweight, slim, and simple to operate. 
  • Dust-resistant, wipe-clean materials are easy to care for.
  • Our spring-tempered slats bounce back fast, helping avoid unsightly kinks and dents. 
  • Cordless aluminium blinds help keep kids and pets safe.
  • Opt for cost-efficiency, or select premium options like heavy-duty slats, LightsOut feature, and a built-in valance.
aluminum blinds
Create your own

Custom Aluminum Blinds

Schedule an In-Home Consultation

At Blinds by Noon & Shutters Real Soon, you get expert design advice and a full range of samples to explore from the comfort of your home. Let our expert designers create the perfect window treatments for your space. From initial measurements to final installation, Blinds by Noon is committed to your complete satisfaction. Contact us to schedule a free in-home consultation.

Maintenance & Warranty

Caring for Aluminum Blinds

Treated with an anti-static coating, our aluminum blinds are resistant to dust, dirt, and grime. Use a soft cloth, cool-temperature blow dryer, or vacuum hose tool to keep slats looking brand new.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Made in America, made to last. We offer a limited lifetime warranty against defects in materials, components, workmanship, and operation. We guarantee your new aluminium blinds will last for many years to come.


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